Monday, July 1, 2013

21 ♥

1st of July, another meaningful beginning of the month :) 
You must be really really good to me, July ! 
I do not want July to pass too fast this year :/ 
Am too afraid to face August, alone


Friday, June 7, 2013

A day in Sekinchan

Hello peeps !

These few days imma kinda active publish some new posts. Haha :D Have you wonder why people write blogs ? I don't know. What I think is that some people do not know how to express their feelings through their mouth and so they express it through words. It is a good thing. When you can't tell anyone your troubles, you write it down, and you feel good :) Sometimes this thing occurs to me. Last time, I mean during 2010 I guess when I started this blog, I used to write a lot of things, almost every week I will at least post something on this lovely blog of mine. I put a lot of effort when I started this blog. Haha :) No matter how busy I am, I will try to make my blog alive, even when nobody reads it. 

Well, since I'm having a long long period of holidays, I actually had some one-day-trip activity with my love ones. We went to the beach and also visited a paddy field located in Sekinchan. Sekinchan is a really nice place to visit, I mean the paddy field. It was a whole-green paddy field when we visited the place. We took a lot of pictures and great to see the pictures turn out very well. The scenery was really stunning but the weather was driving me crazy ! It was really really a hot weather ! I kept sweating and sweating -.- but it was a great time we had at Sekinchan. We drove around the place and found a fishing village. There were lot sof boats and saw some people were mending the nets. We bought some fish balls at a stall but too bad when we brought it back to cook, it was not that nice as we had thought :p haha. 

After we went around the fishing village and took pictures, we moved further and we went to the Redang Beach. It was a nice place to watch sunset seriously, there was a few tree house there. For the first time I experienced climbing up a tree house, it was fun and nice. You can actually sleep and rest on the tree house. The view was amazing from the tree house. But what made us disappointing was the sea water. The water is really polluted and it was really sad to see that. The water was in black colour and you can see the oil covered the surface of the water. Overall, Sekinchan is a good place to visit :) 

Let's end the post with some pictures :) 

The whole green paddy field. 

  Too excited of taking pictures, haha. Look at my face :p

A stall near the paddy field where we bought some drinks to quench our thirst.

The fishing village.

The tree house.

View from the tree house.

The sunset view that I couldn't forget.

Please kindly informed that all the pictures posted are copyrighted under CML 
That's all for now, goodbye people.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Be someone that can inspire others. 

It sounds easy, but when you try to make it, you will find it tough. 
But if you think that you can do it, you can do it.
Live your life to the fullest and eventually you will inspire someone and it might make a change in their whole life. Why not give it a try? You might think that you're just an ordinary person where your life stories will not help the others. Remember ; Be that person who do ordinary things extraordinarily.
These are the thing I told myself.
Have a good day peepo :)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hakuna Matata


From the 1st April till now, it has been two months I didn't write anything on my blog even when I have something to say here. I have lots of things to say but I am so lazy to type it out. Sometimes it is better that you keep your feeling inside your heart rather than telling it to the whole world. 

Well, just for you all know, I had a long long weekend holiday, err I mean, a few months holiday ! Almost 10 months of holiday till I continue my degree. It is such a longgg holiday and I think my brain couldn't work anymore longer, not to say my brain cell is dead, they are still alive but they are not that active anymore :p I have never touched any books at all except some novels and magazines. God, I need something to make my brain cells active again ! 

Two weeks ago, I've been feeling very disappointed on some matters, which related to my studies. I applied Education as my first and second choice, I had decided to become a teacher. Yes, I want to become a teacher :) Some people may think that ' Study Stpm until wanna die ady then become a teacher ? ' But, things can change, at anytime. 

At first, I was given the chance to take the MeDsi Test, it actually test whether one have the personality to become a good and dedicated teacher. It's some kind like a personality test, no right or wrong answers. The unit told me that I have to go to UPSI, Tanjung Malim to take the test on the day when I got the announcement. It took me one hour to reach the place. I was happy though I have to travel far. I did the test, and I actually felt that I did quite well. After the test, I have to wait for their announcement for the interview session. I really really hoped that I got into the interview session, at least just let me try once, for the interview session. Sadly, I didn't get any chance for the interview session from all the university which I applied for Education and I'm sooo deadly disappointed. I don't know what's the problem or what's the reason that they couldn't give me an interview. Was it my results? Is it too bad for them? or was it my skin colour? I'm not trying to raise any racial issues, but it makes me really angry at first. Maybe it also a test for myself, a challenge that God wanna give to me. I know that He knows how much I wanted the interview session. I told myself, no matter what happened with my plan that I had in my hand, God's plan is always greater than mine. He is guiding me, He will watch me how I grow up, into a real mature girl working for the society. Even that I really feel lost now, I know if I have myself in God, and God's Word in me - 
everything will be fine.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The first post of 2013 !
I would like to say .. WOO AH AH ! :D 

May my April will be load with fun ! Haha (:

Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of 2-0-1-2


Today is the last day of 2012 ! I don't know whether to be happy or sad about leaving all the memories I had during 2012. That's lots of stuff and things that I had been through along this year.
It was a bit sad to me that 2012 is going to end soon. I do not want it to end cuz I don't know what will happen in 2013. Haha xD that's a weird reason right xp haha. But there is no point for staying in the past and looking back at those old memories right ? People always say, ' Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened '. I should be glad with the things that happened to me and make it as a good memories to be kept forever. Sometimes I really wish that I could just keep all the memories that I had before in pictures and put it in an album, isn't that awesome? When I reach my old years I can take the album out and all the memories will come back to me (:

Maybe I should do some review about my 2012 life ? Haha. There's nothing much to talk about my 2012 life. Most of the things that I would share are the things that happened in my schools when I'm studying for my Form 6. Well well well, again & again, the same thing that I will repeat saying is that Stpm is tough like hell ! Haha xD sorry if I'm being rude :D haha. But Stpm is never that easy as you guys thought. I've got some regret during my Stpm year which is that I didn't work hard enough :/ that's one thing that I am regret of. I'm not sure whether or not I've been working hard all along but I just felt that I didn't work hard enough. What I did most of the time was being worry and fear about Stpm. I complained too much about it until I didn't even try to cope and overcome it. I just keep complaining that it was tough bla bla bla and there it goes, I never learn what I should really learn in Stpm. Well, if there's any readers here who are thinking to take Stpm, Go Ahead (: Yeah, just go ahead. Face the challenges, overcome it, and you will survive from it. One thing that I'm proud of being a Stpm student was that I survived from it (: Stpm won't make you die, but it will make you become a better person (: Especially when you meet new and nice friends, and teachers who are really dedicated to teach you. I had hard times with the teachers before, scared all the time during their lessons, especially during my maths class. Haha xD I can say that it is horrible to me xp But but but, I started to love my teachers after 1 year :p haha. Whatever it is, the pasts is past, Go go !

Last thing to say is that, I will treasure you my 2012 and 2013 please be awesome to me ! :D

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello December ?

Aloha ! :D I came back to update my blog ! It sounds quite funny that people now are still writing blog, I guess writing blog had been an old fashion now :p People log in to their facebook and twitters get around with their friends, update their status and i'm writing a post here. Haha. It was a shock to me that I only posted 9 posts this year :p I've been so busy that I can't write anything or update my blog. I believe that there are no more readers in my blog anymore and I wrote this for myself to enjoy. Haha, this is funny :D 

Well, I've just finish my Stpm, just to let you guys know what I'm busy up for :p It was a tough journey for me throughout this whole period while I'm studying Stpm. It's not easy. Last time I've asked people before about how they think about Stpm and their answer were ' Hard, tough, not easy, or u will die'. Now I experienced that and it is true ! Haha. Going through all these tough moments are not easy\, and I was glad that I had met new friends who are really nice (: We are all from different kind of places and we are not used to talk to each other last time. But after that, we know each other well, and we had a lot of fun together (: It was the end of my high school moment :) No more uniform, no more clipping up my hair, no more wearing tie and no more carrying heavy bag ! But I bet I will miss all these beautiful moments I had in my Form 6 school, with teachers and friends all (: It's considered a beautiful experience that I had before in my lifetime. I didn't did the papers very well as I know, but I'm glad that I've been through it and survive ! Haha.

Now, I'm still finding a course which are suitable for me (: But I am very sure that medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are not in my list. I know I will get a high pay after getting a job which is related to these courses but uhm, I wouldn't wanna suffer again in the university studying these. Haha :p Of course every courses are not easy to study, but what I'm trying to say was there's a high competition out there. Fresh graduates are competiting for these jobs and I think it's not easy. So it is better to choose one that I really interested in and I can cope it well. Pray for me ! (:

By, Mayling .

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be who you want you to be 
Be the one who can shine on the stage
Be the one who can make someone to inspire you
Be the best of yourself

Never change yourself just because somebody have problems with it
Keep faith to yourself


Monday, May 21, 2012